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Courageous Choices. 
Restored Relationships.

Grow in self-awareness

Overcome limiting beliefs

Build stronger relationships

Redefine your story

We all have a story about ourselves, influenced by our family background, past experiences and current circumstances. These stories may keep us stuck in unhelpful patterns of thought and behavior. By changing the internal script, we can change the course of our lives by moving forward with clarity of identity and conviction of values.

Feel Empowered to make Positive Changes
Therapy Session

Dr. Vicki offers a safe environment for individuals, groups and couples where the focus is on helping you recognise repeating thoughts and feelings that keep you stuck.


Coaching helps you to figure out what is holding you back, what's causing frustration in your life, and help set goals to live the most fulfilling life possible.


Work through course material in your own time and at your own pace - designed to empower, equip and challenge you to take positive steps forward.

Healthy Relationships are the Foundation for a Healthy Life

You're smart and ambitious, but you can often feel frustrated and stuck in your relationships, whether in your personal or professional life.

You may struggle with certain people or find yourself being pushed around.

You may have had certain difficulties in your childhood which has made it feel harder to build supportive, long-term relationships in different areas of your life.

Do any of these sound familiar?

If so, it's important to know that change is possible. Dr Vicki Uwannah can help you understand and change your relationship behaviors, learn how to manage those relationships and more effectively communicate with partners, family, and colleagues.

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Dr Vicki Uwannah

“When we know and like ourselves better, we can have more meaningful and fulfilling relationships with other people in our lives. I truly believe that relationships are the bedrock of a satisfying and successful life. What I’ve learned through my career as a psychologist is that we are united by our desire to be known, understood and accepted. So whether it be through therapy, coaching, or educating others through online and in-person courses and workshops – self-awareness is at the heart of all that I do and offer to those I come into contact with.”

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Let's get to work...
Countryside Road

1. Book a 15 Minute Consultation

If you would like to have a free 15 minute telephone consultation to enquire about therapy or coaching, please fill out the form below and I will get back to you to arrange a convenient time.

2. First Session Assessment

The first appointment will be an initial assessment lasting 50 minutes, to get a better understanding of the issues we’re working with and which approach is best.

3. Begin the journey of self-acceptance and transformational change 

Attain clarity on your identity and values. Foster self-acceptance. Believe that you matter and you belong. Realize your potential of fulfilling and meaningful relationships

Dr Vicki's approach is gentle, compassionate, non-judgmental and uses sound, evidence-based approaches. She helps you to understand yourself better and how to improve your relationships. You'll learn how to manage anger, anxious or depressed feelings, a history of trauma or other difficult relationships which may be affecting your current relationships. Through our individual, group or couples therapy sessions, you'll learn the skills to break out of unhealthy cycles in your relationships and be more able to make courageous choices that empower you.

Do you feel like you can achieve so much but find yourself stagnating because of how you view yourself? Do you struggle with certain types of people or find for some reason that you're always pushed to the back seat? You can have a great life but when it comes to some situations, you can end up feeling frustrated and powerless. Coaching can help by building confidence, compassion and emotional intelligence that will increase your emotional health and well-being.

The Next Chapter is the course for couples who want to know each other better, and fulfill their marriage dreams together. Set to run in your own time and convenience, this 6 module course takes you through a set of exercises designed to help you grow close as partners, through gaining an understanding of your needs and wants. Ultimately, this course will help you and your partner to get on the same page, and stay on the same page.

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