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Individual Therapy

Therapy is a safe space where we can unpack the baggage from our past, connect with our authentic selves and break the pattern of unhelpful cycles. As an integrative therapist, I use a number of therapy modalities and techniques to cover the following areas: 


Therapeutic Community Group

I run a free community group for women aged 18-30 which takes place fortnightly on a Saturday morning. This is an in-person session in Birmingham city centre. Having many years experience in delivering group therapy, as well as facilitating workshops and community groups, I have found groups to be an important part of helping people to feel a sense of belonging. If you are a woman aged 18-30 and find yourself wanting to develop meaningful connections, discover your sense of identity and self-awareness, as well as learn from other people's experiences, then this group is for you. Please drop me an email here and I'll be in touch to have a brief intake chat and discuss further details.

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy is also a safe space to address difficulties within your relationship but also to strengthen and reinforce your bond with your partner. Although it is primarily used by couples when in the throws of crisis, or as a last port of call, couples therapy can also be used preventatively or as a way of maintaining and improving a relationship. 

Pre-Marital Therapy

Pre-Marital Therapy has increased in popularity over recent years, and with good reason. Investing in your marriage, and not just the wedding day is a decision that can reap so many benefits - it can help you to better understand your partner, hone your communication skills and clarify your expectations. Typically a short-term form of therapy, pre-marital sessions can be focused on specific areas within your relationship, and can last between 2-4 sessions. Alternatively I often use a pre-selected number of questions for couples to complete and return before we meet, in order to guide further reflection and discussion within the sessions.

Therapy sessions usually take place on the same day and time on a weekly or fortnightly basis. I offer both online and in-person appointments from Monday - Wednesday. My clinic is based in the Jewellery Quarter in BIrmingham, with transport links and paid parking in the surrounding area. Click here to see prices for Therapy sessions.

Attachment issues







Emotion dysregulation

Personality Disorders

Parenting difficulties

Relational difficulties

Transitional periods


Coaching differs from therapy in that it is less exploratory in nature, and more goal and solution focused. it can be time limited, but some also use it as a way to have someone regularly hold them to account, to check in with their progress and motivate them to keep going with new habits or practices. 

Coaching can be used for areas such as:

Coaching sessions tend to be spaced out fortnightly or monthly. Click here to see prices for coaching packages.

Confidence building


Imposter Syndrome

Relational Skills

Anger Management

Career Progression

Psychology in the Workplace

The health of an organisation is dependent on the health of it's employees and the strength of it's culture and relationships. Subsequently organisations can benefit from having psychological support and insight to meet their objectives of improving the wellbeing and resilience of it's people.

I work alongside organisations to provide 1:1 mental health support, executive leadership coaching, presentations/webinars, mediation groups and workshops.

Get in touch to see how I can be of help within your workplace.

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